Thursday, February 19, 2004

AHHHHHH. Feels good to have a change. The weather has really started to lighten up this past few weeks. I ate a few bowls of Special K with red berries this morning...not so sure about those berries, though. They seem rather toxic. So as a different twist on a morning beverage today, instead of waiting everlong in the Timmy Ho's drive thru in a town where that is the most exciting part of most people's day, I made myself a chai latte with no water from the starbucks mix that Sarah bought me. What a lovely girl. It tastes great though it is lacking something...probably the steamed milk.

February is rippin' by, it is already the 19th and I feel like time is not on my side. This morning, upon waking, I basically had a conversation with my alarm clock, asking it why it deems to make my life so dang miserable. No response. I even asked it to get on my side for once as I feel it is always against me and just waiting to attack me from the shadows. No response. Typical clock. The only response I ever get from it is either horrifying noise or complete silence. What kind of a relationship is this?

I walked to and from work yesterday and it felt good to have a change. I think one of the problems of our North American world is that people drive too much, become softened and easily swayed by a warm car when the weather is any less than july or august material. No wonder so many people feel like they have no release in life; they go to bed wide awake because they've been sitting on their asses all day, in the office and in the car. So walking was a good thing. I took my discman and Joel and some newer Chili Peppers kept me moving and focused. I also had a good chat with God about wanting to be a good husband to my best friend Sarah. I hope that she'll accept me as she gets to know me more. She is more than words can describe. The only way for me to be a good husband is to shower her with grace. I see that time and time again in my life as a recipe for goodness. I don't think we can ever shower people with enough grace as I know, myself, I have tons of ungraciousness to make up for...

Jon Adams, what the heck is going on with you? For pete's sake, call me or at least email, you pathetic mound of heineken empties.

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