Sunday, February 29, 2004

I hate how life just seems to be an endless list of crap to accomplish. I constantly feel like I am never getting anything done, or at least what I need to get done. I float by in a haze of days that blend together and intertwine like highway lines. I make lists and yet nothing gets accomplished on those lists; I either lose them or I forget them completely.
Tomorrow is a new day I guess. I saw The Passion of the Christ tonight and I was not really all that blown away. I think that it is a cinematic feat, for sure, and that Mel Gibson seems to be on a serious life-changing course, which is amazing, but I still wasn't that pizazzed. I guess what pisses me off most about this movie is that it has taken a hollywood movie about Jesus, accurately portraying Jesus agreed, to get a lot of sorry North American Christians off their asses. What's up with that? Why do so many Christians watch movies when they should be out influencing lives for the better? Why the hell does it take a big name actor to move a mass of people that should have been moving for centuries?
Maybe part of the answer is that we're a lazy, lame culture. And I mean lame as in 'sick and hurting'. No one wants to read the bible; they'd rather go see it in a fuckin movie and watch Jesus get bludgeoned on the big screen while they eat popcorn. I guess I am kinda ticked! I suppose it's due to the fact that this movie...really should come as 'no surprise' to Christians. I mean, if you've spent ten to twenty years in a church and you've never really thought that much about Jesus' death and resurrection before, and the undescribable agony he endured, maybe you should smarten up, hunh? Really.
I'm not saying I'm perfect and I think about Jesus's death and resurrection 24/7 here, folks. No sir. I'm as heathen as they come. I swear, I get easily angered, I look at dirty images, I'm self centered...yessir, I'm a general bastard. I feel just weird about this movie. So that's it for tonite. Workin tomorrow and then spending some quality time with sarah.

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