Wednesday, January 28, 2004

IT'S January 28th, 2004, and I don't really have anything interesting to say. Snow accumulates like tasks on a neverending list of things 'to get done'. Wind howls. Snowboard aches and pains seem to heighten with each morning of waking up. Sarah has a migraine and is in bed right now. I want her to feel better. She has taken a lot of sick days this month and I hate it when she is sick. I don't feel right in the cosmos. It's like my universal axis is not aligned. Snow is fun for snowboarding but not for driving. Stealing Harvard is a mediocre movie. Tom Green is one odd duck but his career has gone downhill ever since he left Channel 22 on community access in Ottawa. I hope Sarah feels better this afternoon so she can eat some soup and maybe we can watch a movie. This is one of those days where it feels good to be shut in and doing nothing.

Jon. I hope MBC is treating you well. Don't get mad at Corn-dogs. He loves you. He just gets tired sometimes. I love you Corny wonder. Erich, I hope your blogs are going well. I must confess I have not read one of yours for a while...maybe I'll do that now.


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