Friday, March 05, 2004

'I'm still tryin to keep this time from runnin out'

So anyways, life becomes more complex than a woven web of weaving...things. That was intelligent. It's raining cats and diggity's today, and it feels like another shut-in day, where I could just drink alot of beer, eat alot of chips and watch movies. I don't know where Jon is at - he called me a few nights ago and sounded really ill. I hope he's doing better. I wanted to go and visit Justin and Cameron today but a 2 hr trek is really not worth it to just come back tonite. My parents are comin down tomorrow afternoon. Good times. My parents and Sarah's parents chillin out and just havin good times together. I have come to appreciate my parents more in the way they are 'chill' and 'lax' about everything. No pressure, no stress, pretty cool people. I think that is important for parents to support their children but not in a way that forces unrealistic expectations on them (most of the time in a hidden way) and guilt trips them into performing duties that the parents should do themselves.

DON'T...get me started.


The snow is almost gone. The rain is soaking into the ground, pulling the old hidden green up and out to the surface of otherwise brownish-black grass. It's amazing to see how fresh water can work such miraculous feats. It gives plants life...It replenishes thirst like nothing else refreshes us when we cannonball into a lake of bursts dams and cannot be stopped.

See any analogies here? God is often referred to in scripture as 'the living water'. I'm starting to see, like Paul, and the scales are slowly slipping from these hardened eyes.

Adam, Mike, Brian, Mark, Paul, Matt, and Jonny...lookin forward to havin you all stand on my side, men.

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