Tuesday, January 06, 2004

(jonny...where the frig did you go man? are you alive? call me? erich, how was your christmas)
it's funny how life seems like it's on autopilot at times. I try to maintain order and control within the realm of my grasp, and yet crap keeps happening outside and even inside my little circle that is beyond me or my understanding. I watched Bruce Almighty last night, and though I had seen it once before, this time I noticed that so often we humans embody the character of Bruce; whiny about our circumstances, ignoring the good and focusing on the bad, ignoring all we have and focusing on what we don't have, thinking a good job will complete us as people, etc.

Autopilot; the craft moves above the treeline early on January mornings, undetectable by radar, but moving still. Forming an arc in the bleak, cold skyline that seems to indicate a Joy of some kind somewhat beyond my reach.

I'm feeling random. It's not even 9:00 am. I just walked to work and though I despised the first steps out the front door and into the cold, and past my enticing car, I ventured on and began feeling a little more rejeuvenated than usual. The crunch of thin ice and snow on the pavement seemed refreshing, and this is pretty weird considering the fact that I HATE winter. The walk was well worth it.

And so it goes, folks. Sometimes the pilot needs us to change our perspective so that we can see his beautiful airplane a little clearer.

and i'm out...

jon...call me ok?

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