Saturday, June 25, 2005

Well, HELL, I'm just gonna blog for the goshdarn
heck of it! No one is really into commenting these days,
but that's alright, I like to spew my thoughts like the
intestinal refuse within me when I sit down to go
ca-ca on the toidy.

Thoughts on Music: Because What Else is There?

What is happening to the world of pop (and by that I
mean 'popular') music? It is crumbling to the very core
all around me. I caught a glimpse of the Muchmusic
Awards the other night and who else was performing but
Ashlee Simpson, and I don't know man...It MUST have
been a joke on her part because NO ONE CAN SING AS
ABOUT IT!! Good GAD! ...It doesn't really deserve my
time and energy in venting. She sucks. Pop Music sucks.
Radio Stations are either Rap, Country, or OLD BORING,
TIRED ROCK based (i.e. that's my personal shout out to
Chez 106.1 FM of Ottawa. Newsflash: Woodstock was a
long, LONG time ago, and there's no going back there.
Give it up. Acid washed jeans are no longer fashionable.
When will they realize that Pink Floyd is only a steady diet
of burnouts and wastes-of-space?)

But maybe all this kerfuffle is necessary in a re-building of
the pop world. Maybe this crumbling to the core is the beginning
of something new, something serious, something real.

It's time for a new scene. And I really want to lead the charge
with my brother on bass, a guitar/everything man from
Halifax, a few other all-positions players and a drummer
from Montreal. But I'm nowhere NEAR pig-headed enough
to think I'm gonna make any damn difference. As Regis
Philbin says, 'I'm only one man' and it's true. I need your
help, folks. I need belief and faith that it can change. That
it won't always be this bad. Thoughts? Ideas?

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