Tuesday, June 28, 2005

This Is An Adventure...

A feeling of amazing peace and sobriety enters my being
whenever I drive into the town of Guelph. Maybe it is a
place that, now, as a married man, is linked to a chunk of
my independence and personal freedom. I remember the
days of being able to get out of bed whenever I wanted to,
maybe making coffee, maybe not, and going for an early
morning walk down Alma St. There are a few places, and
streets in particular, in this town that actually encapsulate
alot of personal feeling about God. Many hours walking
while praying were spent in this city, and it is a place where
I really made my faith personal as well as, and more
importantly, where God became real and personal to me.

Life is alot different these days, but in some ways it's a
good different and in some ways it's a bad different. It's
all about finding the middle ground between the highs and
lows and dwelling there. I also remember that Guelph was a
place of vast insecurity and indecision for me, and it's not like
that baggage is gone because I still feel those things alot.
But at the end of the day, I guess we all need to ask ourselves
'if it had to end today, and I died in my sleep tonite, would I
be happy with how things have turned out?'

The answer is something we all must wrestle with, because
in some ways, it's all we've got.

For me, the answer is most definitely yes.

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