Monday, November 08, 2004

Another sunny day in november. Unreal. This past weekend
was a 'gooder' in the sense that a few close friends of Sarah and
i showed up for a visit - Josh and Olivia. I know this sounds boring
from the usual lingo of my blogs but sometimes the long missed
friends can captivate us with a new outlook on the world,
refreshing perspectives and helping us to take advantage of every
moment we have here on this great green earth, because that's
all that life is really, a series of often disconnected moments that
last only for a few fleeting breaths. We've got to take advantage
of every moment we have because we are all on thin ice. Like it
or not, we're all gonna die and the things you've planned for will
all go to waste, dust and ashes in an instant. Often people who
have had a near death experience come back changed people,
sometimes in life philosophy but mostly just in daily outlook.
Living life to the full ain't about a 25 or 50 year plan; it's about
taking each day as it comes and not trying to get too far ahead
of myself. I need to remember this and grill it into my skull.
Solomon talks alot about the value of living for each day all
through the book of Ecclesiates (which is worth a read if you're
so inclined) and he has been considered one of the wisest writers
of all time.

it all boils down to the
fact that sometimes, in the Christian world, being a real follower
of Jesus (sorry if this lingo is disturbing to some, don't read it
if you think I'm speaking a different language) is equated to
having that perfect 'devotional' life every day when you get up,
praying (that is having a conversation with God) every spare
second you get, never looking lustfully at T&A, never drinking
beer, etc. Essentially, for many, being a Christian is all about
following a set of rules, and so when said 'christians' fall short of
this legalistic style of living, they feel awful, unrighteous or
'unworthy' of God. But it ain't about that. Nowhere in the bible
does it say 'feel guilty when you've done something wrong for
a set amount of time and all will be right again'.

Being a real Jesus follower means living an enriched life,
not just saving your ass from flames in the next life. It means
interacting with whoever you come into contact with, not just
being in a false, rabbit-hole bubble where people sing alot of
happy joy-joy songs and raise their hands and close their eyes
while doing so. Following Jesus is about loving people, helping
WITH THEM, and then maybe, just maybe, someone will ask
you why you live the way you do.

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