Thursday, November 04, 2004

The counting crows have grown on me in some ways.
I used to mock them pretty hard but now I don't
seem to mind them as much. So anyways, this None
thing seems to be taking off somewhat and that's good
because it keeps my mind busy when I'm at work
with thoughts OTHER than 'what the ___ am I doing
in this rat ba$tard job?' That's a good thing.
I don't understand some of the ways of this world and
often enough, I seem to care less and less about that. I
don't think everything always needs to be figured out
by genius-ass me, and I suppose this is becoming a form
of mental humility. Some things need to be left with an
air of mystery. Like Calvinism. Don't go there.

Go call
your long lost uncle instead and talk about the movie
Hoosiers with someone. Be real. That's what I say. At one
point in my life, it seemed every moment was a brain
screw because I just couldn't stop thinking about
EVERY dang thing; present, past, future, spirituality,
satan, my heart beat, etc. I think it was good for me to
battle through all those sleepless nights of the early 20's
because now I sleep like a log most nights and realize
that there's no possible way I can 'cover it all' with my

Up and at 'em. Time to face the day.

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