Saturday, October 30, 2004

Hi everybody. I really do want to first apologize for writing nothing
for so long but this new job has sucked it out of me, so to speak.
What's up 'so to speak'? Who gives a crap if I 'so to' speak it?
I'm such a donkey dork.
As I say, working takes it out of you but fear not because the inspiration
is coming back and I'm going to be starting a new blog entitled
'The Chronicles Of None'which will be powering up on a blog
site near you. I need to start thinking outside my own universe
a little bit. It will be mostly short serial writing about the character
None who, though unknown, should be an interesting. None spends
a lot of time in the rat race, office life, cubicle farms, etc. It's been
spurred on my new job. Hopefully it will be a healthy outlet. Right
now it's 1 day before Halloween and I'm looking forward to getting
my aluminum easton out of the closet, hiding in the bushes and beating
down some young children.
God bless you all.


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