Friday, October 22, 2004

Well, I suppose it's time for something new. I've had the same quadra looking
view on my blog for ages, so hey, let's shake the tree a little. Today is the
first day of training for my new job. Crazy. I guess I didn't really know how
long it would be before I worked again but I hoped it wouldn't be too long.
A man can only be in the company of his own wits for so long before he goes
'cuckoo for cocoa puffs' so to speak. I am now an employee of NuComm
, a corporate megasystem that handles major companies in the
U.S. (i.e. Comcast, SunLife, etc.) who pimp out their call centres to Canada
so as to save 'mucho daneiro'. There's a million reasons why someone
shouldn't work for them, but screw that noise. All you really need in life
is money for two things; 1. beer 2. condoms.
But honestly, this new ocurrence may not be 'me' in the long run but it's good
for now and it's what I need. I know there are starving children, and much less
fortunate people than I out there, but I can't help but think that all of this is
because there is God who loves us and looks out for us and only ever really
gives us what we can handle. Can you dig that?
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