Tuesday, September 14, 2004

WE be Blingin'.

It has been yet another month away from 'net-journaling' as I have been
insanely busy moving to the southernmost armpit of ontario...actually, it's
not really an armpit. It's nice down here, lot's of wineries and things of that
nature but I'm a little concerned about the job market.

And what the hell is with jobs anyways? Jobs. Hunh.

I have come to understand that the road to righteousness is slim and the
passers-thru are often few and there are even ones who forget what road
they're on while in the midst of the journey. Why are humans so ego-centric,
so narcissistic, so unoptimistically thwarted?

I'm waiting for coffee to brew. It's damn early and I can't even think of
anything remotely interesting to write.
Hopefully I'll get back into the swing of this dingaling thing.
I'll end with a quote of a guy friend helping another guy friend who is troubled
and woed by the world of female relations, as the former friend decides to
'set-up' the latter friend in hopes that just being near someone female will
inspire him and help him to forget his sorrow:

"Go out with you?! All I'm tryin to do is to get someone to play
with your ding dong."');">

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