Friday, May 14, 2004

Somehow the sun hath renewed you and given you breath again.

I love the sick change in weather from
dismally grey to super blue sunny. I am
back in Cobourg and have been here since
May began, really, and have not had much
time to breathe since. It was nice to go
back to Ottawa and see some friends, but
in the long run, I always end up missing
Sarah, which is a good thing I think.

My armpits are dank and filth-ridden,
sliding slimily like ectoplasmic residue.

I haven't seen Jon Adams for over a
month now, and I really do miss him,
but I guess this is God teaching me about
giving up certain things in order to move
on and make ths shift to marriage. You
see, I've always been fairly committed
to my friendships outside of Sarah, and
this is important to me and her as it
validates my existence in many ways.

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