Sunday, August 01, 2004

Ok so it's been about a month and a half since my last blog.
I am a slack-jawed yokel named Cleatis. I should write
something new and refreshing like mesclin lettuce straight
out the box. Word.

Life seems to eek on through these weird summer months.
I say weird because of changes somewhat, like being wed,
but also because of the weather. Kingston has been awful
for weather; rain, awful, muggy, sickness, humid downpours
and dirty pavement. Our apartment smells like baked-in
asian cuisine. That's because the girl who lived there before
us was Asian (with a capital A). Oh well.

Jobs are non-existent. Life rolls by with ever-increasing
downhill speed. Some of my friends are over thirty with no
jobs, no wives, and no attachments. Sometimes I think that
would be alright except I remember the downtimes of being
alone all too well. Sarah is an awesome girl.

I am at Iawah. Zac just farted on Matt Roberts' head but
he thought he sharted so Matt got mad.


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