Monday, May 31, 2004

Doin the do at Mount Saint Vincent, in Halifax.

I had a weird start to the day. I woke up at 6 am with a giant
lump in the back of my throat but it turns out, my uvula was
hanging lower than ive ever seen it hang. Perhaps it was due to
an intense night of snoring. Who knows. It still feels awkward
back there and i either want to hock it up or swallow it...but i
can't because it's attached to my throat.

Weird dung.

Anyways, Jeff and I have had a great time touring around the
Fax. No bad memories or experiences yet to be had here. It's a
place of joy for me. I love the harbor, the downtown, the sights,
the fresh air, the bridges...a great city. We are heading back
today and so far we've seen a wedding two days ago (my best man
bri beat me to the punch), and seen alot of shyte weather.
Lots of gray, rain and cold. But it has still been a good trip.

I'm looking forward to just getting back home and being with
Sarah for a while. There will be lots to do but sure
when it's all said and done we'll still be married...which is
they key, i think.

Bring on the major leagues. comin to the burg? Excellent. I got your email.
Inscendiary. Adam, you too maybe? Bring the funk.

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