Wednesday, August 11, 2004


Dingle the shingle, I got the fever for the flavour of a single.
Steve Gray called me from Smiths Falls the other day.
He was shingling his grandma's cottage but felt overwhelmed
because the work was hard and his grandma doesn't believe
in coffee and he's been there for 3 days now. I think he
needs some 'feine in a hurry, dog.

So what else is new? Not much, thanks. Hey Matt (that's
right I talk to myself byotch), why don't your friends blog
anymore? What happened to the paradigms of blogging
like Erich Koroshetz, Jon Adams and Adam McKechnie.
Well questioner, I can't really say except for the fact
that everyone becomes a massive pansy in the summer,
myself included, and likes sleeping, watching movies,
eating barbequed flesh and drinking ice cold suds.
What a life this is indeed.

I feel like for the most part that alot of people I know
are sitting around, waiting for something worthwhile
to happen. Life is computers, job-searching, bowel-
cleansing and large double doubles at Timmy Ho-Ho's.
Sarah and I are trying to make a go of this here life.
Sometimes it can be trying but lately things are rollin
a little smoother in the knowing that the power of
oneself will only keep one afloat long enough to tread
water until eventually one will burn out and drown.
You need a Lifeguard.
Life is beautifully augmented, stunting and charmed
all in one breath.

All my boys, Steve, Joel, Jonny A, Adam Keck, Mikey
Sven, Mark W, Jeff Dix, Derek, Matt Roberts, Buck,
Skip, Paizer, Josh, Gorbs, Paul Godes, Cam-ron,
Brian Mac, Mark Richie (wherever you are), Bartles,
Dalton, Zacsack, Hicks, Poontiens and Rehuel Ernest...
may God bless each of you where you are and may you
know the words of my grandpa who left this earth a
happy man;
'don't worry, don't hurry and always take time to smell
the flowers'.
Peace be with you all today. Youre all in my thoughts.

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