Monday, May 24, 2004

I'm at camp Iawah right now ( and it
feels strange yet warm and kinda nice to be here.
This place is a memory machine for me. So many
meaningful, life-changing experiences happened on
this 200 acre piece of green property. Alot of the
old haunts are still standing yet new faces and
unbeknownst 'camp-folk-terminology' leaks into
everyone here like an epidemic. I'm caught in the
middle of it all; a new sailor on a well-known brig
in uncharted waters.

Some of the spring staff (Kate, Faith) were mentioning
my blog and wondering why I choose to swear sometimes.
I don't really feel like defending myself because
these things are supposed to be somewhat private. It's
not like I WELCOME thousands of friends and family
to read this dang thing, it just happens. Word spreads,
and then you realize the person you want least to read
your thoughts has done so. And swearing is pretty
subjective. When the person who grills me about seeing
the duck word with an f on my blog says 'oh my g_d',
i think THAT'S a double standard and a half.

Anyways, I said I would not I won't. Sarah
has gone into town with Olivia (a chick standing with
her on the big day) to see about renting a flick because
the weather is kinda butt today. Gray, overcast, cold...
not really very productive as a weather system.

Not really much else to say. Iawah is a place of God's glory,
a drug trip and a time warp all in one bundle.

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