Friday, August 13, 2004

My cranial capacity is going by the wayside.
'I don't know about you but when I don't get enough
sleep, I'm like
a mushman' -Val Kilmer from the movie Hard Cash.

It's fun to play with text hunh? Apparently this
hurricane is causing some serious havoc in Florida and
the weather experts say it's heading our way. Maybe
that's why the weather this summer has been so
mediocre, never able to make up its mind between
humid and clear or rainy and cold. But hey, who's
complaining - it's a great life if you don't weaken.

Too bad I weaken with every waking hour. I read an
interesting idea today through my brother's friend's
blog (his name is Carl; he's funny and he likes beer)
which can be linked to through here but don't hold me
he's my brother and I'd lay down in traffic for him,
so whatever offends you about him offends me. Anyways,
that aside, the idea I linked to was about the cycle of
life which is represented in one day. The day really
is a cyclic monster - I've always had this sick fascination
with the cycle of the day especially since Brian, my
best friend and best man, played me the song 'A Day
In The Life' by the Beatles. I know I've even talked
about this in past blogs but the day really is a
monolith of ups, downs, arounds, sidewayses,
catachlismic disruptions and beautiful chaos. We
all just need to learn to embrace it - that's the true

'I have come that they may have life and have it
to the full.' - John 10:10

People, are you hearing me? Broke, jobless, broken-
hearted? I say 'At least I'm alive'. There is beauty
there. God didn't make us to have it all together.
He came to give us a new life, one with bumps,
bruises, cuts and hurts, but we can learn from all
that supposedly 'bad' shit. The moment we dismiss
it and pull the old 'why poor little old me' routine,
we're missing out.

My friend Steve died in late March of 2002.
I grew up with him, for a cluster of years anyways,
and even walked home with him, one cold fall night,
all the way from Hull, Quebec to Ottawa South.
He died at 22 from a brain aneurysm and fell a few
stories down off a friend's balcony.

POINT BEING that Steve now does not have the
luxury of being broke, jobless, depressed, divorced,
or broken-hearted...because Steve is dead.

'We don't have alot of time on this earth - we
weren't meant to spend it sitting in cubicles.'
Ron Livingston from Office Space.

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