Saturday, May 29, 2004

SO I'm in PEI at the moment. Jeff Dixon, my old
time homie is sitting in the next room eating
bbq chips and watching Head of State with Chris
Rock. I am not really into Chris Rock so I sit here
and write. Bri, my best man, and long time homie
is now married and off to have 'fun' with his lovely,
new wife Bonnie. She seems like a really cool gal
and I'm glad Brian finally found someone. He will
love the crap out of that girl, and that is awesome.

Anyways, I'm somewhat indifferent to tomorrow's
plans. For a while, the plan was to head to the
Fax, record a little bit with Charles Austin and
chill out with nic and julie but the deal is
looking mighty shady. Charles bowed out because
he's tryin to buy a house with his wife and
Julie and Nic are further away than i realized,
just outside of Fredericton NB. Dangit.

I feel pretty tired but somewhat overwhelmed
too because all this wedding shysen got me
thinking about my own wedding and all the deals
that need to closed before june 19th. I'm scared
that some massive detail will be forgotten and
it will be all my fault.

I miss Sarah. I just want to hug her.

stay tuned because tomorrow could be interesting.
i miss jon adams too.

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