Wednesday, September 15, 2004

so it's pretty late in the evening and I'm trying to figure out just
what the hell causes sarah to get so many migraines. the problem is
this world is filled with fucking phony quacks who are ex-real-estate
agents writing bullshit books for chapters about what teas one should
drink in conjunction with a bad headache. i eyed one book, in particular,
with sarah about 'migraine triggers' and a load of frigging good that did.
do you know how many so-called triggers were listed in that corn
flaking book? oh, only about 5 BILLION and all of them generic
bullshit just so some MS word using, couch potato-ing,
bud light drinking, whitehead popping, kaziff scratching,
cock GOBBLING, Doctor DICKLICK m.d. can make a few bucks on
an 'all-the-rage-medical-issue' that the corporate lackies
at StarFrucks and Chap(ped ass)ters will drop a trouser load
for.I KID YOU NOT! the triggers listed for migraines were anything from
'atmospheric pressure changes' to 'eating habits' to 'eating meat' to
'caffeine' to 'stress' to...oh...I don't know...fucking 'tectonic plate movement
whilst shitting'. It was totally useless. An excercise in the utmost of futility.
SO there. I hope that was as interesting as it was annoying and dickitching
to write.

St. Catharines is a sleepy, sleepy slumberland of southern ontario where
people don't seem to want to even take off their 'night-night' jammies
to even respond to my job applications. Jeepers folks. Let's find some
kind of job here. People aren't meant to spend their later twenties drinking
pots of coffee, staring at walls and dreaming about being in a rockband.


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