Thursday, April 29, 2004

Holy Mother of Cornbroom.
It has been a day. Yesterday was quite the kick-shicker too.
Where to begin.
Crunching numbers and gaining momentous papercuts as a menial
labourer for revenue canada. I represent a small middleman named
Paul McKechnie, my father. Office life is bizarre. 30 and 40+ people
just walk into a room and start spilling problems and joys on
co-workers, all intermingled into one smelly, verbal dump. The
catharsis of this kind of life style, or any life style for that matter,
is obviously God, but the key is discipline especially in the few minutes you
have arriving home from work during tax season, at midnite or after,
do you spend those minutes to reflect and meditate before you
reach slumber haven mode, or do you fill your brain with jagged
images thinking 'you've earned a little eye-candy'.

Rationalizer: A person who has an excuse for everything, claiming
good reason for every supposed mistake, and logic for every

Life is tough. No doubt. But we must hang on to hope.

This office is hotter than a Kenyan mudhut. I sweat as I type.
Sarah is probably hotter where she is. She's hot all the time though.
Anyways, time to grind some more on the axle of the axis of the
big machine.

I think of simpler times, in this chaos.

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