Friday, April 30, 2004

'Lecture me in full
in a way explicable
when I find out how to get from here to there.'

It's friday, April 30th, the tax deadline of the year of the dragon, 2004.
Adam's telling me he's not going to come to the cottage tonite with
Steve and Joel. I think he has prior engagements with some other of
his friends. I feel kinda bad because I think too many people try to set
him up because they think there is something 'wrong' with him because
he's single. I say let him be single, ya chucknuts. People are sometimes
too unaccepting or expectant of their peers to be the same as they are.
If that is a case, then they will only ever be your 'peer group' as
opposed to being true friends.

A friend is someone like Chucky. Chucky was Ben Affleck's character in
'Good Will Hunting' who would do anything for his best friend Will -
'Will, Chuck would lay down in traffic for you if you asked him to'. He
sought out Will's greatest good most of the time, and the rest of the
time just enjoyed Will's presence and company in his life. When
push came to shove in their friendship, Chuck accepted Will for exactly
who he was - a genius in a land of braindead Boston Southies. Chuck
encouraged Will but also challenged him, when he needed it, to get
out of his comfort zone and take on some new challenges when Chuck
could have easily swayed him to just 'be like the rest of us'.

Adam asked me to not to write about him in my blog but I think he's
probably someone who doesn't get written about alot, which is a shame,
because if he ever did decide to leave his peer group (of mostly government
pub guzzlers) they wouldn't know what hit them. He brings alot of life,
spark, creativity, humour, and energy to wherever he is and needs to
know that he is appreciated, loved and accepted by God, obviously, and
by his real friends and family.

Sometimes, in life, we must make the best of a certain situation. I write
this knowing that in the next few months I wil undergo alot of change in
rapid succession. Im goin out with Steve and Joel tonite and then leaving
for Cobourg in the morning. I hate Cobourg in so many ways but something
that I love inexplicably resides there and makes it all seem worthwhile.

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