Wednesday, April 28, 2004

I don't seem to fit any mould anymore. Life seems to grow strange
in many aspects, but yet I feel a comfort in the small places of joy.
Like driving back to Ottawa yesterday, just beyond kingston to the
dreadful stretch of 401 between gananoque and brockville. Horrible
turns, nothing to look at and just general boredom. But there in that
stretch that I usually hate, God met me. The sun came out in a brilliant
spectre of light, greening the land and blueing the sky east of me in
vibrance that I...can't really describe. Everything in a usually dumpy place
looked like a piece of heaven. Man. It was great.
Im plugging in Ottawa for my pops, doing some tax returns.
He just called from the next office asking 'What the hell are ya
typin' in there?' so I better go. Love the dad.
More later.

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