Wednesday, March 24, 2004

Apparently I just posted a thought that had no content. Excellent.
I love vague and hollow thinking. I'm fascinated with Buck 65 and the
way his songs depict the dirt under his fingernails and expose his inards.
We should all only be so honest. Rock and rave, save your sock.

My friend Paul Godin called me today from Montreal (Or, to those of you
of the area, Mount Royal) and awoke me from an afternoon slumber only
to pretend he was a sprem bank sales representative, fast-talking me into
some kind of 'increase your sperm count' type sales pitch and the funny thing
is, im pretty sure my landlady was listening in to part of the phone conversation as
she hung up from upstairs.
Even funnier is that both Paul and the landlady's son Matt are in my wedding
party. Even EVEN funniest of all is that Paul is French. Ha. French. That's funny.

I live in a basment these days. I reflect alot. Things are going well. I only fear the
worsening of things as days progress but somehow I have an ease in knowing
all will work itself out like a cloudy day broken and turned grapefruit sunny at dusk.
Sarah is stressed a fair bit. She struggles and fights alot of battles in her mind.
I love her like one other. I have tears in my eyes as I type.

I remember a time when I lived at home, with the folks in Ottawa, and had just
freshly graduated from university. I played alot of nintendo (nesticle simulated
on my PC), drank way too much coffee, played guitar loudly in my basement and
dreamed of better days. I really wasn't risking anything in those days. I was safe.
I think I still am safe to some respect but really none of us are safe. We tread this
thin ice called life each day with the utmost tiptoeing. I think the key is just trying
to understand more about the pond each one of us is on.

'Left fielder livin in a suitcase'.

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