Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Snooty Tuesday

HI. It's another lovely tuesday. Well...not really lovely.
It's ASS cold in St. Catharines so I can only imagine what it's
like in the more northerly parts of this country. The snow is
on its way with thunderous, heinous white fury of death. As
I walked to work today, over the St. Paul bridge, my face felt
like it was getting slammed by glacier winds of the Tundra.
But at least the sun was out, though it won't be providing much
heat for a while.

Don't really have any earth shattering thoughts or reviews
today, just the status quo of being here, breathing, walking
and such. Home church last night was another quality outing
of community and ship of fellows as we tend to frequent pubs
after our actual 'meetings'. When we are in the Hammer (that's
Hamilton to you unhip folks), we tend to hang out at the Snooty
Fox. Great food and exceptional atmosphere. Except for the
time when a not-very-good musician was playing cover songs
and told someone heckling him to 'fu_k off and get out'.
Creemore is usually my pint of choice for a conversational
beverage between friends and the Snooty Fox keeps it STOCKED
to the hilt. It is liquid gold.

Zac usually prefers Guinness but last night he went with Creemore
as well. What a trooper. My Sarah outclassed everyone with
a large pint of Tennents that came in a flute glass that was
twice as high as anyone else's glass. Cousin Ben opted for the
discount domestic (which turned out to be not very discount
at all) pint of Cameron's Auburn Ale. Wise choice. The high point
of the Snooty Fox outing this week, though, was Viv's spider
Smithwicks. When reminding the waitress that there was
a spider in her beer and she was promised to get it free, she
actually said the phrase 'Yeah...um...spiderbeer?' And it made
total sense. I can't remember what anyone else got - I was
HAMMED! And then I drove home. Just kidding. Actually Sarah
drove and I peed my pants. Just kidding. Actually Sarah drove
home and then I watched one of the worst gore/action movies
I've ever seen while I fell asleep. Mind Hunters. Don't see it.
Then I got indigestion at 4 am and read Narnia to Sarah because
she woke up with my thrashing around.

Anyways, I've always dreamed of having a community that I
could learn with and grow with spiritually and have a few pints
with while just being together. And the Lord said...it is good.

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