Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Nothing Short Of Inspirational

Douglas Coupland has been pumping out excellent literature for
many years now, and I feel he needs some appreciation. Ever since
Sarah went to Summit 7 (props) and had to read some of his literature
for a course, and she forced me to read 'Life After God', I've been
hooked. He writes with a realism that stings but the characters
and situations are always so poetic in nature. The people in his
stories ARE the works of art. And I love that. So Mister Coupland,
wherever you are, if having these pictures and praise of your
work on my site is in any way a copyright infringement, I apologize,
but dangit, people need to KNOW!

posse out for now. sorry for the all-too-frequent posting.
props to my wife. and jon out west.

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