Friday, July 29, 2005

Back Into The Man I Used To Be

So here we are. Another day of waking up, facing the grind,
and eating life all the way down the rind. It has been a little
cooler in St. Catharines this week which has been a welcome
change from the ballsweat, ass juice nights that we were
having here for the entire summer. Even with A/C on. Damn.
I gotta find a new job. This one is beating the tar, piss and
vinegar out of my being. I know, I know, hate the job love
the paycheque but it shouldn't be despise the job, hate life,
and semi-like the paycheque. But there has not been a hard
time as of yet invented that I cannot handle so I guess I'll
stick with it. It could be worse. I look at the pictures of
Africa and the people that Live 8 sort-of, kinda tried to help
and it's pretty shocking to realize that even as a minimum
wage worker, how much more shit we have here in Capitalist North
America than they do. Kinda scary.

The summer is half over.

I write that in tiny typeface to hide the truth of it. In some
ways, I'll always love the summer more than any other season
in central/southern ontario. It represents a time where meeting
with old friends and family is an importance and we try to do
it as much as we can. Everyone seems to be more agreeable
and understanding. Weather has some strange effects on our
psyche, I'm sure.

It's been a low key week. I'll keep ya posted if I'm goin anywhere.
Jon, I want to see you for sure. Dalton, Buck, miss ya big time.
Adam, again, you're my brother and I love you. Layta playaz.

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