Monday, July 18, 2005

The Sun Also Rises

Douglas Coupland, in his book 'Life After God', talks about the
idea that the mind is a glass of water when it comes to
experiences, memories and most things, and that at about
the age of 30, the glass is pretty full. I've been getting that
feeling lately, for some reason. All I want to do is to find a
lake somewhere and re-baptize myself into a world where
everything makes sense because alot of things don't make
sense to me right now. Days float by in a breeze and years
can often feel like a month. I think 'Was that 2002? That was
3 almost 4 years ago? Damn!'

But in other ways, I know that is not true, that if we didn't make
it past the age of thirty, life would be pretty damn selfish and
unfulfilling and there would be no great authors, musicians or
everyday fathers who put themselves aside to see the greater
good of making their loved ones happy. Their would be no one
to help the folks like us who can at least nod at our troubles,
having learned to listen, and say 'I hear ya...and it doesn't
ever get any easier...but ya just keep going'. Keep going. I
think that is something that many of us need and want to hear.
A still, small voice in the darkest of nights that whispers it
into our heavy hearts.

The title of Hemingway's work speaks for itself, because the
sun, my friends, also does rise. We just need to remember that
when it's going down.

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