Thursday, July 07, 2005

Let It Go; The Damage In Your Heart

Well, well. It's been over three years since we heard from these
American rockers and I do say the new album entered my earphones
with a certain bittersweet flavour. Now I don't really mean bittersweet
in the sense that some songs are good and some aren't (though this
is true) but that Rivers Cuomo is obviously someone who has gone
through some seriously and psychologically traumatic shit in his life.
After the release of 'Maladroit' in 2001, it was a known fact that Cuomo
checked himself into a voluntary mental institution. From being someone
fairly ordinary to being an icon in the spotlight from a mega-platinum
album can be something pretty overwhelming and I guess, to the depths of
a mind like Mr. Cuomo's, this plus alot of personal baggage just drove
him to the point of 'not being able to take it anymore'. This is a place
where alot of us have definitely been, I think, but is a place where
we all sometimes must go in order to achieve any kind of growth.

MAKE BELIEVE: The Truth in the Art

The fact is I'd give this album no more than a 7/10. The music is
definitely well produced (master Rick Rubin of Beastie Boys, Early LL
Cool J and Metallica productions) but the songs in their composition
are all kind of lacking. Yeah, Beverly Hills is blasting and a great loser
anthem for those who loathe the rich, but there's about 4-5 songs
out of 12 that I could definitely go without and that's not great.

The redeeming part of this album, though, lies in the truth that is definitely
in the lyrics of Cuomo who, aside from Beverly Hills, does his best to
bear his real feelings with the listener especially in the area of failed
relationships. He wishes for a place where instead of harping on the
bad about someone and 'letting love down the drain' he could hold on
to something special between two people. The song 'The Damage In Your
Heart' is also one that struck a real chord with me and gave me the old
shivers while walking to work in that we all have shit we've gone thru
and the only real way to be cured is the mental act to 'let it go'.
I'm not trying to put words in his mouth, here, and I could very well
be wrong but I think Cuomo is just tired of being a geeky, pessimistic
realist and that the real world is too damn ugly of a place for us to NOT
make believe because the outlook is too bleak otherwise.


We all entertain some form of escapism, and being a Christian, myself,
I kinda, well, HAVE TO be an escapist sometimes because I dream of
and believe in a world beyond my own. The world I live in is a damn good
one though, but we have to get shut of our surroundings sometimes.
Whether it's through creative outlets, reading, writing songs or just
blogging...I NEED to get away from time to time. It's what makes this
world all the more bearable and understandable. Rivers, I think I hear
ya man. And there is damage in my heart. I don't know if I can fully let
it go yet but...I'm on the way.

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