Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Normality RestoredI feel like, for the most part, my life is starting to get back to normal, (whatever
the hell normal really is) and that as tides of trouble ebb and flow, I'm sort of
learning how to swim through stuff. Being married isn't all about a constant
ecstatic high of 'gee, it's great to be able to have sex whenever you want' or
'gee, i'm glad i found someone who has ALL the same interests I do' because
that just ain't reality. Marriage is hard sometimes, and I think I'm finally
coming out of the zone where I can stop saying that all the time and just accept
it because the truth is Sarah walks with me through the sunny days and the
dark nights and that is something that just cannot be substituted for anything.
I've taken it for granted, yes, and I'm starting the realize the power of two.

A great weekend was just had in Kingston, as well, which was part of my
realizations. I got to see alot of old homies from the Iawah days of Lore. One in
particular who I hadn't got along with in some time. I got to drink beer with
him at the Lone Star, with many friends around, and just be myself and he was
himself and we just cut the shit, so to speak. It was glory. A breath of mountain
air in an otherwise darkened valley. He is going to be a father soon. Right on. I
don't want to be a father for QUITE some time yet so... let's keep the prayers
comin. Anyways, c'est tout pour ici. Au revoir, mes amis. Remember the
mountains whenever you need to.

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