Wednesday, October 13, 2004

one for the razzle dazzle dizzle, my nizzle.
just so all of you can feel praised and encouraged.
some shorts i've selected from my friend authors.

a thought of fornication:
Apparently, the f-word is an acronym for Fornication Under Consent of King. Back in the day of kingship, to have a mistress, you must have had the go-ahead from the king. Yes, this is the birth of the f-word
-d. holloway

a light rain:
It was once taught to me from the pulpit that when little things push you over the edge, you need to rest. That being said, I'm going to spend a little time in bed knotting a toque. And tomorrow, my life will ring of the complacency of another soul stuck in an office.
-e. koroschetz

the ongoing battle:
It seems we are at war. Erich is hurting, Matty is a little frustrated, I'm missing home and all those I love. It seems that there is no stopping the sword which Satan wields. So we are at war. And I love it. Today I just love the thought of God calling us...."I'm already fighting, are you going to fight with me?" And so I try to protect my friends with my prayers, hoping they are enough to get them through this battle, so we can fight again soon.
-j. adams

the ongoing battle part deux (the unsaid thoughts):
Headaches, fatigue, cramps, aching, insomnia, nausea, anxiety and a sporadic numb tingling in my neck and arms become more than psycho-somatic symptoms of a starving soul but rather personified archetypal vision-characters that remain the only imaginative constant in the macabre absurdity called human life. Snow will soon fall like ashes onto the heads of the walking dead hearts and minds that fill the buses, offices and houses of north america.
-a. mckechnie

a korean tale:
Language has also been interesting as I've found that as I struggle to figure out Korean, that language portion of my brain has been stimulated to the point where I understand other languages such as French, Spanish, and even Chinese almost 10 fold!
t. stelmach

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