Monday, October 04, 2004


This september has been deceivingly sunny and warm here
in Ontario (sorry for you BC types, jon and todd) but the flipside
is that colder, harsher and painstakingly bitter cold months
are on the way. Even today, this 4th of october, the air is much
crisper and the sun still shines though masked by a colder
dome of air in the atmosphere. I digress.

Today I bought a wackload of groceries for Sarah and I and
it is ridiculous just how much pressure is on us from every
side to be 'consumers' in North America. There is so much
absolute shit we do not need.


DO YOU HEAR ME? I'm tandering on meandering.
CSI Miami comes on tonight and I can't wait to see what
is up the sleeve of Horatio 'I won't look at the character
I'm talking to so I seem extra tuff' Hornblower David

Jobs are still on my frontal lobe, unfortunately. If I had
a quoff of money in my account, here's how I'd spend it:

1. Family, without a doubt, whatever debts need
clearing and whatever is needed to be helped. (this
includes Sarah).

2. Friends, whatever needs, missions, debts, etc.

3. Guitars.

4. Maybe some churches. ');">

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