Sunday, December 14, 2003

Hey y'all! I bet Jon is eating his freakin civrage toque because i'm writing
a blog but not from his computer! the baffling senses with which tingle

So anyways, I don't know if any of you have noticed, but there is stinkin snow all over this great province covering the grassy lands like an overweight rich lady's petticoat. Some people actually do suffer from seasonal depression. I think I may be borderline in this area. It's not that I think that snow is ugly or that I'm not grateful for a change in season - it's mainly the fact that i commute like a vagabond, all over the 401, and I hate the feeling of uneasiness that comes before a long, wintery car ride. That sense of 'oh dag' as the tires start to slip through slush and wintermire. I loathe the blasting, stinging flurries that scrape my warm face as I try hard to scrape off my windshield.

That's all that is in my head right now.

I work for a church, part time, here in Cobourg, Ontario. I have to say that I do enjoy it though at times it is really hard to see any benefit in what I do, not only here, but as a human being and Christian. This is just one of those reflective days in which one's self value and worth comes into question.

I showed a small clip from an old movie today in smac (sunday morning at church) to my students. In it, Robert De Niro's determined character travels many miles across rainforest and mountainous terrain carrying with him a burden...(I won't explain...see the movie and save me some words). At the end of the travel sequence, De niro and the priests he travels with encounter some violent natives who seize De Niro immediately and cut off his burden with a sword. (There's SO much more to it than that, really. See the movie 'The Mission').

It's so good to know (and this is personal and not universal, unfortunately) that I really don't need to carry around all the mental, emotional, psychological and anthropological crap that I do and that I have a loving Life Giver who carries it for me. Actually, He's already taken the weight of it off my back and yet I try so hard to put it on again - to have control of all that junk baggage and do with it what I may, carrying to wherever I need and want to knowing that I, Matt, got it there. How idiotic is that line of reasoning?

Ah...feels good to feel a few pounds lighter this very moment.

Jon Dog, congrats on the jib-job homie. Sell those fossils.
Erichte, thanks for the comment. You warmed my heart.

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and soon to be coming smart thinking youthful Derek (Derelicte)

peace out

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