Tuesday, December 09, 2003

Well the day is done and anew comes another. 1:02 a.m. by the desktop light of this slowly moving computer. I feel like alot has happened today. That's probably because alot has happened today. After waking Jon at 11:30, we hit up some big macs and caffeine intravenus for the big show up North. So much to discuss - where to start...

An overly sarcastic waitress at the China House who swears that every male named 'Matt' is a difficult person. Jonny was all up in her face, though (that's my boy. don't take that sh..). A small bottle of bailey's, some lemon chicken with sauce on the side, a beautiful cliff-top view on a slightly overcast December eve, a shivering girl who said yes and kissed me. What more can I ask for in life?

I get so pissed off at people who whine about all that they don't have. If you think about it, there will always be 'stuff' of some kind that you don't have in life, but that's not what this life is intended to be about; it's supposed to be about what we DO have, the enjoyment therein and the recognizing of the Source of all good things.

I'm tired and Conan is calling me to watch his funny goodness. Jon swore alot today but I did too. Tim Horton's is a great place for all ages, eh? Who's 'cheers'ing that? Eh? Eh? I stink like Swisher Sweets. I think Sarah and myself are going to add one more person to stand with each of us in our wedding posse. On her side, the illustrious Sara Vanderlip, schemer and liar extraordinaire. On my side, obviously, someone I've grown close to for a while now, Jonny Adams. F-in A.

God bless you all and to all a good nite.

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