Thursday, January 19, 2006

The Dying Machine

Well readers, it has come down to this. A once a week, short-lived ordeal where
I can scrounge up a few sentences and feed them into the blog machine. At
one time, this machine was aptly purring, ever-awaiting my keystrokes to
bring life to the canvas of gravenrecords. Now...alas...times have changed.
People become more anal and construct things called 'firewalls' that keep me
out of the machine - out of the realm of the blogosphere.

But it's not all bad. I have been working a little harder on finishing my
ultra-indie album with a few bonus tracks for good measure (mostly of
the acoustic variety) and now that I have an extra day off per week, I have
some time to do this. SO keep your ears to the ground and pretty soon
I'll have an album released.

In another story, it's funny how time flies. We are already in the thick
of January, and from here on in, the days get a little brighter until the
summertime. The sunlight will stay a little longer each day now,
reminding us that not all is lost and good things are to come.

While at a function for Sarah's eldest sister this past weekend, I met
up with a girl I used to know from my days of being a Kingston weekender,
visiting my homies Jeff and Garry. She recognized me at once and we
both realized that we knew each other from the Christian circles at
Queens and I made the connection - "Campus Crusade, right?" She
rolled her eyes and said "YES! Unfortunately." Funny how perception
really does alter one's reality. She and her husband (Joel, I think)
claimed they do some blogging and still meet up with old Queens
cronies (i.e. Dave B, from time to time.

Well, keep on keepin' on kids. Updates to come, each week or so.
Dalton, a visit is way past due.
Erich, I will read your blog and I will comment.
Jon, Christmas time was short lived. Come down to ST C lots this
summer. I miss you too.
Charn, you're mega smart, don't deny it. In fact, the day you write
a book I want to be your editor...or vice versa.

Blessings upon ye


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