Wednesday, November 30, 2005

December Cometh

It's inevitably on its way. In fact, by tomorrow, storefronts and houses
across this icy nation will start putting on that colourful exterior
that wreaks of capitalism and greed. But damnit, I still like the whole
feel of the Christmas season. Maybe it's because I know what it's
really all about...but then again, this holiday has been saturated by
North American make-up for centuries, and maybe it's too late to
try to restore the real premonitions of the season, itself. But amidst
all my raving, I still love the feel of sittin around the tree, in Nepean,
sipping some egg nog and rum with my bro, along with an assortment
of import cans of beer, with my wife and family. It is a good feeling.
There is no rush. There is no performance monitors. There are no
continous improvement modules. Just being. And that is good.

I hope y'all liked the audio blog, more to come fo shizz-o. I recently
talked to one of my non-blogging links (Brother Todd) and he claimed he
gave up blogging because he always felt the pressure to write for
an audience. I guess I understand but...Todd...blogging is all a ABOUT
the audience, but you don't have to care if they're there. I'm just sad
that your blogging days are done. Boo-Hiss.

Anyways kids, in this life, you just gotta be who you are. Love God,
love others and love yourself (hopefully least) and you'll be okay. Not
really sure about God, don't really care, hey, that's cool. Just be you and
write like you and the rest will follow. Gotta do some work on Graven
and get some tracks laid down. Be merry.

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