Thursday, January 12, 2006

Have Not Been Here For Some Time

Wow. It's been a dog's age. Due to the fact that blogger
is a blocked site both at work and where I live (stupid
firewalls), I will be doing less and less of this kind of
thing. Unfortunately. It's been a great ride. Maybe
some more audioblogs will suffice for the lack of
verbiage. Maybe. Just maybe.

Anyways, I hope you're all well and remembering that
we don't have a lot of time on this planet and we need
to make the most of it. As the holiday season went
careening by, I'm forced now to be more reflective as the
entire time period of dec.22-jan 3rd was clogged like the
arteries of so many southern Americans after Christmas
dinner. I hope Santa Claus was good to you all, but I also
hope that you have not become dependent on Santa
Claus or hooked on the things that come out of his

Anyways, whatever happens in this old crazy world, be
good and remember that there is always a string in a cave
that you can pull on, never to leave you forgotten (children's
lit reference - Princess and the Goblin). Keep
your ears open for good music (maybe even some
Graven tunes on CBC radio) and let's rock this jam.

Now I leave you with a quote from the great mind of Charn:
"Shift work is awesome. The best part about a night shift is
leaving work to hit up a diner, unshaven and shakey and feeling
disconnected from reality and having a huge breakfast, coffee
flowing out your ears and watch the people going to work
thinking "suckers" then hit the bed and dream of sunny places
as the light streams in, morning erasing all the sins of the night
before whether you're hung over from booze or a job. That's
Loving you all and loving life.


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