Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Departure from Dystopia

See you on the other side. We all have things to hide.

I feel like I've turned a corner out of a wintery, blustery back alley into a bit of a open, busy, colourful marketplace - still facing a slight sting in the air, on the tail of the season's chill, but feeling a few more rays of vitamin D interlaced sunshine, making the journey a little more joyous.

I'm focusing on the things I love - and the the things that matter.

Friends. Music. Small Lanark towns. Exercise. Fresh air. Creativity. Kindness.

And above all...kindness.

What is it about external eggs that get into our baskets and make us all crankpusses? Why can't we understand that the external is truly that - external. It is beyond our control. Sickness. Disease. Finances.  Symbols of strata and status. Material gods.

These are all things we cannot control.

So often, I'll hear people complaining about the weather. The weather. Really. As if there is ANYthing we can actually fucking do about that.

It's almost like many of us need a soapbox and a megaphone to validate ourselves - we need to whine in order to feel like our whining is worth something. But it never is, is it?

It's an endless loop on a tape machine that spins and clicks into oblivion. It's the same thing that does exactly nothing.

I'm nearing the end of a long haul through life, and a long haul through the busiest time of year for myself and my father - tax season. It's a time where papers pile and digits roll off screens and into databases that make magical numbers appear. I've been getting down to fighting weight, cutting pounds and shedding tar for feathers. I've been diggin' in - holdin' on.

I'm ready for fields and long days of bats cracking and discs hucking. I'm ready to laze and lounge with three of my best pals up in God's country with frothy, cold homebrews on their respective docks. I'm ready to play music and leave pieces of myself on random, tiny, sticky stages. I'm going to dine with friends on farms and let lapsteel melodies soothe my rugged, country heart. I'm ready to cast my line into the waters and feel the tugs of the mighty rock bass of opportunity. I'm ready to see my friends.

I'm getting closer.

Let's head for the light. Come with me.

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