Thursday, February 13, 2014

On The Edge Of Tomorrow

We flow in and out of each other's lives like water and paper. We wash up on the shores of the existence of another for only a period of time, and then, we are gone in the tide.

Gone in the ebb of a wave.

A speck of sand in an angry sea.

I've recently used the phrase 'rebuilding my network' to explain the stage of life that I'm now entering. Although there is a hint of sadness to it, there is also a cold shock of optimism and a shivery tingle of newness about it.

The truth of the matter is, I really don't have any limits right now. As long as I find a way to keep paying my bills, I could go anywhere at any given moment.

I need to breathe it in and count every second of this time as gain - even though it can be fearful.

There's something about the ocean that has always magnetized a part of my soul. To stand on the edge of a rocky or loamy shore and look out into a seemingly unlimited galaxy of water is a strange and mighty feeling.

Maybe it gives me reassurance that we cannot be alone and that there must, in some recognizable shape or form, be a higher power to the unexplainable beauty of this life.

Let us hold fast in this time, and hang on to the shipmates that make the rough waters a little more bearable.

The longer light of March is beckoning.

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