Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Manifold Witness

Blessed. Cursed. Charmed. Fortunate. Fucked.

Life. Death. Rebirth. Regeneration.

We are all things mixed together in a stewpot of chaos and whimsy, but there is no denying the beautiful flavour of the end result.

Sometimes, I'm afraid of writing. I'm afraid that if I let the words out of me, bad things will happen. I think that by writing about my experiences and by chronicling the learning of my life, I will explode.

And so, at times, I coast through. I stay behind the rose-tinted view because it's easy to hide there. It's easier to stay plugged in and to just wilt, to play video games, and not think and be 'alright' with everything in a shruggy, drugged up way.

And we die a little more than we should.

But you and me, kid - we've done the things. We've sucked the marrow out of this life when we've needed to.

We gathered up our things, jumped in your big white car and we hit the coast. The four of us set out on a conquest to find another and another reality in PEI in the summer of 2001. We punched each other in the arms and slapped each other, but we made it there. We sure did. We gathered up red soil in a hardhat because it was all we had with us to scoop up the earth.

And even though it didn't work out, we risked it. We hung it out there - right into the salty waves of the Brackley Beach coastline.

But that was only a sliver of our existence. That was eons ago.

I know you like to pretend like you could go back - but we can't. None of us can. We are here now, and I am still your friend. You piss me off sometimes, but that's love. Love pisses us off and makes us mad because we want the absolute best for those we love. It might be dark right now, but you will be alright. Cloud cover only lasts for so long. The fear goes away.

Let's find the new fantastic times that await the chariots of our unlaunched experiences.

I'll be there with you.

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