Monday, September 12, 2011


I feel a bit awash in the sea of this blog because I can't be bothered to keep it up.

Life has begun to affix itself to a crazy surface - and crazy is all I know.

I am a full time student, now - at Algonquin College. I am doing something that
I've needed to do for a while. I am getting certified in Journalism. I am amazed
at the pace of College life. University was slow stroll that ramped up at times
but that really just plodded along a set course. In College, you are thrown to the
wolves on day 1. You have to advocate for yourself at every turn and fight the
currents of realism.

Earlier this evening, one of my profs said 'If you don't want a job, you midaswell
go home. Go ahead.'

I like the pace and I like the action - but it means that a lot of things will take a
backseat; music, writing, blogging, etc.

I remember last November. I remember going out West when it meant uncertainty.
I remember getting more serious about my music. My life has been so full of
experience this past year that I need to journal but haven't the time or the energy.

I spent a week at Camp IAWAH.

I traveled around with Joel Plaskett and his band for a week.

Graven has a gig in Montreal next weekend.

I feel uncorked.

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