Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sports Guy

Through some emails between my brother and my cousins, I have
been dubbed as 'sports guy' due to the number of weekly activities
that I have going on that revolve around the playing of sport. On
Sundays, I play a grueling session of Ultimate Frisbee that requires
you to run for almost an hour and a half straight (2 40 minute halves).
On Mondays, I play on a lob ball softball team. On Tuesdays or
Wednesdays, I try to play tennis against a local friend and get good
and sweaty for an hour or more. On the days off (Thurs - Sat), I try
to use to workout gym here at the school for some cardio and

I don't know if it really has any impact on my physique but I sure do
feel good and sleep a lot better these days. The mixture of exertion and
steady sunshine seems to be good for the heart and the soul. There's
something childlike about playing sports for me. Basketball in my
driveway, intermingled with some serious snow football, were common
trappings of my youth. Now, as we all get older, it's harder and harder
to find people to play sports with. People have kids - and just
generally get lazy.

Do yourself a favour - go sign up for a sport.

It'll do ya right.


Sports Guy.

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