Monday, July 11, 2011

Easy Flow
It all flows by so quickly, this season that we call summer. We aim to
do new things and make lists and clean - but it never gets done. We
are slaves to the clock and the clock wins every time.

I spent some time in Kingston recently with some good friends. In
this life, we are constantly re-arranging our values and losing grip on
all that we once held dear. I used to love hanging out with people - and
lots of different people. I'm finding as I grow, though, that I have less
energy for moronic folks who take, take and take and never give.

I like my Kingston friends - and yet, in the same breath, I have other
friends in Kingston who I have to prod, poke and pester to get to do
anything or take two steps outside of their domiciles for 5 minutes.

I think I've become 'damaged goods' for some folks or 'high risk' for
those who want to play it safe. 'Stay away from McKechnie - he's a
wild card'.

Oh well. This is me.

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