Saturday, July 30, 2011

So Go The Days Of Our Lives

This summer is a minefield of activity, and in the same breath, it
is a slow ghost. The weeks have been passing by and I've been too
dang pre-occupied to get on this here blog. I feel like I'm just putting
in time when I write on here.

Fuck it.

These past few weeks and days have been chundering. Sputtering.
Stalled but moving. Is that possible? I played 2 songs at a local
songwriters showcase in Cobourg (to see if I could get into the
Shelter Valley Folk Fest for a spot on the main stage) and I wasn't
selected. The judges went with a girl (who already won the contest
a few years ago) and two other guys who were more poppy and
upbeat than me. The contest is supposed to be about songwriting
and I cannot for the life of me tell you what any 3 of them wrote
their songs about. Oh wait - I remember now; love. Because
that's what every overdone bullshit song is this universe is about.

It sounds petty to say it but I know I was among the top 2 in
songwriting and lyricism at that competition. People smile
politely and say 'Ah well. Try again next year!' What can you
do when you know you rightfully should have won?

Anyways, I'm getting a little whiny. I was selected to be a part of
the 10 so I guess I should take that as an honour and chalk it all
up to experience.

Almost August.

Man alive.

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