Tuesday, July 05, 2011

In The Still Of A Summery Eve

As you can see from my sullen surroundings, all is calm here at
TCS for the moment. It's strange living on the campus of a private
school in the summertime - when there is no school or students to
be found. It becomes a bit of a pastoral landscape. I need to get
out and experience it more.

I haven't thought, for many summers now, that it has actually felt
like summer. This summer, however, has had all the trappings of
a great season of green fields, dancing leaves and perfect
temperature. The slow rising breezes. The stillness and the very
slight heat. The clouds that have no desire to anything else but
hang in the blue backdrop. Birds that soar for hours on end and
seem to be singing songs of contentment.

Tonight, I am blogging from the great outdoors. I believe that
nature is something that has been placed into our lives to help us
escape - to help us get outside of our own brain spaces. Tonight,
I write from the guts with a goblet of cabernet. I raise my chalice
(and I really am raising it as I type) to this summer.

May we slow down. May we take it all in.

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