Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Buzzer Beater

365 days almost became 4 - but I made it.

For some reason, when I get into the zone of blogging and writing,
I feel free. I feel like myself. The keys are an extension of my
conscious and penultimately, my sub-conscious. I can say what
I want and some might read it - but really, it's mostly me who

I got to see some good friends and fam over the last few days.
Brother Dox, Dan, Tay, Em, Owen, Landon, Shuggy, Seb,
Danomite, Skip, Steve - and hopefully more are on the way.
Whatever I am going through in life, I find that spending time
with people is a massive downer-suppressant for my soul.
People open up my mind and the social interactions therein
stimulate my pleasure center. I need more. I crave more.

Some big decisions are on the horizon - and much like the
dunking of Darryl Dawkins (aka Chocolate Thunder who used
to break backboards on a constant basis in the NBA) -
whatever decision I make will largely affect the course of the
game and will probably shatter a few things.

I hate letting people down. I hate feeling like I'm letting people
down. I live for the acceptance and support of my peers and
family. I want to be liked.

'There are no easy answers - only hard decisions'.

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