Monday, July 27, 2009

A New (And Stormy) Week Begins
I don't live in Toronto, but I found this cool pic and virally stole
it for my blog. I am a viral hacker. I invade your chat rooms and
virtual living rooms. I copy and paste your usernames and
passwords. You can't stop me.

Had breakfast to start off the day with my lovely companion,
Sarah, at Ada's Diner. This place has been an Ottawa breakfast
dive for eons (and hopefully for many more to come). The food
is great and CHEAP and the service is always great as Ada
herself circles the restaurant and makes sure your coffee mug
is full and that your day is bright with her smile. We sat looking
out on to Bank Street at the muddy and virtually destroyed
terrain of the landscape. The skies cracked and poured out
piss from the heavens all around us. As we tasted hash
browns cooked with a little onion and pepper, we realized
that we had it pretty good. The feeling of being indoors
on a rainy day (preferably drinking coffee) is a great and
glorious sensation.

Now for a laugh, watch THIS.

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