Saturday, July 18, 2009

Artificial Blogospheric Sweetener
So I've been offline for a few days, having a laze in the shady
elms of Northumberland County. It was a sunny day this
saturday and though the beckoning of dollars and cents
called with a monk-like vigil, it was too nice a day to stay
in town.

The road needed to be hit. Sarah and I surprised all of her
immediate family on saturday and chilled out Cobourg-style.
After a 3 hour trek of cranked Wilco and Wintersleep (newly
acquired albums), cards were played and bowers were laid.

Sometimes, it's good to get the hell out of town and remind
the map that you are not a pinhead - but a living, breathing
entity of mission and vision and that nothing can stand in
the way of tires and fuel.

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