Friday, April 07, 2006

What the .....

Alright. Deep breaths. Deep breaths. So a few hours ago I was
left a phone message at work, from the proprietors of where Sarah
and I live (the illustrious Ridley College) and...uh...we have to move
out sometime in August. But the real shits and giggles part of the
whole deal is that Sarah doesn't know yet, and I'm left stuck with
the aftermath of unknowing, uncertainty, and harsh feelings of
miscommunicative principalities between us and the Ridley folk.
A first hand example, ladies and gentlemen, of how life can get
turned right upside down, ass over tea-kettle, right before your
very eyes.

Regardless, I'm starting to understand, in the wake of all this,
that there is a plan and maybe it is for the better for me and Sarah to
get out of here and live life on our own terms and not on ski-jump
nosed Ridey's terms. I mean, no offense, but honestly Ridley, your
school is filled with bored, rich kids who don't have the common
sense to find their own arseholes with two hands and a salad fork.
Sure they have opportunities that other students wouldn't and a
heck of a lot more facilities, but I think that these kids are gonna
have a huge wake-up call one day when they realize what it means
to carve their own path, as theirs has been a path that has been paved for
them thus far.

I digress. It was good to talk with Sister Jillian for a few minutes
about everything, and on the upside of things, I'm applying for a new
job and Sarah and I will be having a new roomie for the summer months
that...we...are allowed to stay here for...I hope. Gotta talk to Sarah,
sort some stuff out...and hey it's the weekend. Party on Wayne. Lots
of changes happening.
More to come...

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