Friday, March 17, 2006

Will I make it through...Can I hold on

If I make it through this full 2 week pay period (which I
am only 38 mins away from accomplishing), it will be a
blasted miracle. But I guess miracles aren't blasted. They are very
un-blasted things...things that we need to retain hope that
the One who knows all and has it all under control is still
loving and guiding me. I think I've figured out that I'm a hardcore
hypochondriac as I always think there is something wrong with
me. A horrible way to be, really, because I fall into the trap
of not appreciating and just 'depreciating'. I just made that up
while I typed it but I give any and all free access to my punnery.

Spent a weekend in Ottawa last weekend and it was great to
get away on a solo adventure. Got to see some old homies, and
just sorta feel normal again (whatever normal is, really - a figment
of our own imaginations). I hope that you're all doin well and
that you all remember that 'everything is not lost' because
I know I sure need to remember that. Most of the time nothing
is lost - it's all just inside my head.

We press on. Pray that God would use Sarah and I to impact and
encounter and enrich people's lives for His good.

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